Belarus, Lithuania might open gas dilution plant in Klaipeda


Пн, 28 Июнь 2010. English

Belarus and Lithuania may implement a joint project on the construction of a gas dilution plant in the port of Klaipeda, Belarusian Premier Sergei Sidorsky told media on 28 June. According to Sergei Sidorsky, Belarus has long been seeking alternative ways for energy supplies. Not long ago the country coordinated oil supplies from Venezuela. Belarus has been cooperating with Iran in the area. “We are taking every effort to develop the Jofeir deposit and bring oil to Belarus,” the Prime Minister said.

“Belarus views the construction of a gas dilution plant as one of its energy strategies. We have been coordinating this project with our Lithuanian colleagues. There are two or three more alternative variants, but Belarus, however, is most interested in the project with Lithuania. The government of Lithuania has been developing the similar project. We can unite our financial resources to build up a gas dilution plant in the port of Klaipeda and deliver its product via Lithuania. This is a short route – 285 kilometers of pipeline. These issues will be discussed today. By uniting our efforts we will be able to implement such a project,” he said.

According to Sergei Sidorsky, this is a profitable and efficient project that will provide alternative energy supplies to Belarus. “Today we are supposed to discuss the project. Probably we will start its implementation in the near future,” the Belarusian Prime Minister stressed.

A reminder, Lithuanian Prime Minister Andrius Kubilius arrived in Minsk on an official visit on 28 June.

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